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The Best Way To Keep Your Perishables Cold While Shipping

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Keeping your perishables cold can often be quite a challenge, especially during the hotter months where even AC can barely help. Companies and individuals who try to ship perishable products with inadequate insulation or improper cooling devices may find that their items arrive ruined or spoiled. In today’s blog, Dry Ice Packs™, the providers of the best cold shipping materials around, will go over what you can do to ensure that your perishables arrive at their destination as cold as the second you shipped them.

Proper Insulation

Finding the right shipping materials for your perishables can be difficult to do. What’s the cheapest option that also retains the best internal temperature and can hold up to the bumps and bruises that packages often experience through normal shipping conditions? Shipping your items in a steel box probably isn’t a viable option, so what else can you use to make sure that your items and products are properly insulated? When shipping products, shipping companies often give you one option: cardboard. Cardboard is a fine option for shipping goods that don’t need to be at a controlled temperature, since cardboard itself isn’t much of an insulator.

Putting your products in a cooler is a great way to keep your products safe and cold during the shipping process. While using plastic coolers, like the ones popular at parties and barbeques, may keep your perishables frosty and safe, they aren’t very cost efficient when you have to constantly move products all around the state, country, or continent. On top of that, you’ll probably be charged extra from the sheer weight of the cooler and contents. The best way to ship perishable goods is to use styrofoam shipping coolers. Able to hold up to most shipping conditions, styrofoam also has great means of insulation to help keep your items nice and cold. Combining a styrofoam shipping cooler with a protective cardboard sleeve, like many of the shipping kits you can find at Dry Ice Packs, will help keep your package safe and cold.

Temperature Control

To keep your perishable goods cold, you have to surround them with other cold items that are just as cold as your items and will stay cold for the entire shipping process. Using regular ice will most likely result in a melted, soggy mess when your package arrives at its destination. Dry ice is a viable option, but may lead to complications with your products if improperly packaged, as the dry ice may be too cold for your items. Ice packs are another great option to choose from, but with so many options, it may be difficult to choose the right one.

When shipping with cold packs, you have two basic options to choose from. Reusable cold packs are designed to be refrozen and used many different times after the initial use. If you’re shipping objects to a family member or friend, then reusable may be a great option for you. If you’re a company who’s shipping perishables to customers all around the country or world, then a standard ice pack may be better for you. Standard cold packs will keep your perishable items cold during shipment and can be used once after that until they need to be thrown out. Dry Ice Packs has both cold pack options to choose from, helping you find the perfect shipping material for you.

Proper Packing

If you’re shipping a single item that doesn’t take up much room, then shipping that item in a large or even medium-sized container probably won’t go over well. Similarly, shipping too many items in a small container won’t leave you any room to add ice packs or dry ice to keep your perishables cold. Finding the right size container will help get your contents to their destination safely. If you don’t have the right size container, and won’t be able to get one in time, then using packing materials can help keep your items safe and secure. Things like bubble wrap, shipping peanuts, or even newspaper can help create buffers for your products that will keep them safe the entire trip.

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