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Shipping Breast Milk Made Easy

Shipping Breast Milk Made Easy with Dry Ice Packs™ and Shipping Kits

Traveling Moms and Business Women get help taking care of their babies. Shipping breast milk to their nursing infants just got easier.

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artboard-1-copy-2.jpgIn today's busy world, traveling mothers and business women must find new ways to stay on top of the game. 
dsc02572-14162.1529954011.500.750.jpgNursing moms are getting smarter and more innovative when they must travel, and now with the help of Dry Ice Packs ™, there is a more convenient solution for shipping breast milk. Shipping Kits from Dry Ice Packs (Click here to see Shipping Kits) are a terrific answer for traveling women to get breast milk to their babies.

Shipping Kits come with a Styrofoam cooler (many sizes available), a corrugated box, an appropriate number of Techni-ICE Dry Ice Pack sheets.  These are perfect for shipping mothers milk.
For instance, Shipping Kits with a medium size cooler (that can ship 20 to 25 six-ounce bags of milk) come with 2 sheets of Standard Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs, with the option to add 1 or 2 sheets.

The 2-layer Standard Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs, with plastic on one side, fabric on the other, and powder polymer in between, are designed for the one-way transport of food and perishables.
artboard-1.jpgIdeal for shipping breast milk, it is much easier to just hydrate these sheets, and freeze them rather than attempting to locate dry ice.
Another advantage of Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs is that, unlike dry ice, it is not classified by the FAA as hazardous, so there are no weight limitations, special stickers, or extra cost (dry ice is at least and extra $5 on FedEx or UPS packages) for packages that are shipped by air. Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs are also non-toxic, so there's no problems when coming in contact with them, and no extra cost when shipping.

Dry Ice Packs not only offers these products, which can be found at, but has helped dozens of moms with the technical aspects of shipping and handling. For moms to travel and provide breastmilk to their nursing babies is truly a labor of love, and Shipping Kits from Dry Ice Packs now help to simplify one part of that mission.

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