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Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs Comparison

Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs Comparison
to Other Ice Pack Solutions


Wondering what kind of cold pack you should be using to keep your perishables cold? After extensive searching and testing for the best cold pack, 28 finalists were chosen for an independent test. Of those 28 finalists, 16 were immediately eliminated for not meeting the testing criteria. At the end of the trials, Techni-Ice from Dry Ice Packs™ were the ones to score the highest in the independent tests, beating many popular American brands in the process. Beating all other competing brands, Techni-Ice cold packs were second only to actual dry ice in their ability to retain cold temperature.


Techni-Ice from Dry Ice Packs is the best way to keep perishables nice and cold and are perfect for companies or individuals looking to ship cold items over long distances. Things like food, breast milk, lab specimens, and more can all be shipped safely and confidently when you use Techni-Ice cold packs. Techni-Ice makes cold shipping easier with high-quality Heavy Duty Reusable (HDR) and Standard ice packs, both of which are designed to keep your perishable goods or products cold during the entire shipping process. Techni-Ice cold packs are also great for things like fishing trips, summer parties, or for road trips to keep your food and drinks cold.


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