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Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs ™ Heavy-Duty Re-usable

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Product Description

These new-technology "Dry Ice" Packs are the perfect replacement for applications where dry ice, ice packs, gel packs, or regular ice is currently used.

On this HDR (Heavy-Duty Reusable) model, the NON-TOXIC polymer refrigerant inside has a layer of textile/fabric and a layer of plastic on the top and on the bottom.  This economical dry-ice substitute is ideal for the one-way movement of perishables such as food, flowers, etc.

You don't have to use Dry Ice any more or regular ice (except in your drink).

1. Can stay frozen for days.
2. Doesn't turn back to water, so no more soggy food.
3. Sheets are 11X16 inches (9X13X1 after hydrating) and can be cut to size, as small as 2-inch cubes.
4. Re-usable many times.
5. Better than Dry Ice:  Techni-ICE ™ is cheaper, doesn't evaporate, and it's non-toxic, so you can use as much of it as you want for shipping perishables.  Dry Ice is limited to 5 pounds by the USPS and most carriers.
6. You can freeze it colder than ice, and even colder than dry ice!  (if you can get your freezer that cold)
7. The longer you freeze it, the colder it gets and the colder it makes your freezer.  Put enough sheets of Techni-ICE ™ in your freezer, and it makes your freezer cold enough to be a commercial-grade freezer.
8. Also heats in the microwave to use as a heating pack.

RV's:  Place one or two sheets in your 12V fridge/freezer to reduce battery consumption and increase its general efficiency.  Leave it in the fridge/freezer with the power off overnight to further reduce battery consumption.
Camping, Hunting, Fishing, & Boating:  As a reusable long lasting ice replacement for coolers and cooler bags for keeping food and drinks both hot or cold.  Click this link to see a fisherman's review of Techni-ICE ™:
Picnics:  To wrap around drinks and keep food fresh.

Children:  Techni-ICE ™ can be cut to fit any lunchbox to keep food cool or hot.
Housewives:  Bring frozen food and ice cream home from the supermarket when you can't go straight home.
Mothers:  Keep babies’ bottles warm or cool for milk or juice.  As a warming pack in strollers or cribs.

Transport:  All perishables, including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and chocolates, etc.
Catering and Deliverables:  Consumer deliveries such as pizza, diet meals and pre-prepared food, which require food to be kept hot or cold.
Meals On Wheels:  Used by local food banks throughout the US.
Medical:  Transportation of Pathology Samples, e.g. blood, tissue, medicine, etc.
Hospital:  Cut to size for a flexible ice pack and used for the reduction of swelling after surgery, or for perineum after childbirth, after an epidural as an ice-cold test, etc.
Dental:  Can be cut into individual cells and used to reduce swelling after tooth extraction and given to patients to take with them.
First Aid:  As a flexible wrap around ice pack or heat pack for injuries.
Sports:  As a flexible wrap around ice pack by all sports clubs and sports organizations such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, downhill skiing, volleyball, etc.

Post-Op:  Used as a flexible heat pack, to keep bedding warm for post operative and sick animals.
Delivery:  Transporting Pathology Samples.
Horses:  A flexible ice pack to mold around horses legs.

Product Reviews

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  1. We use them everyday

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 15th 2019

    They are used in my husbands lunch box everyday.
    Sometimes his ice water bottle still has ice in it.
    Refreeze them every night then they are used for 12 hours, they are still cold and we refreeze them.
    They usually last about a year, he is a bit tuff on them so outside layer of plastic gets torn.

  2. Great product!

    Posted by Lorraine on Oct 14th 2019

    Road trip from Boston to Orlando. I wanted to keep food frozen for 2 days. Packed cooler on Sunday, started driving on Monday at 2am, spent the night in NC and arrived in Orlando at 3pm on Tuesday. 48 hours total. I bought 4 sheets, froze them for 4 days prior to trip. Easy to fill with directions provided. I placed them in an inexpensive plastic cooler and the only one that was not still frozen on arrival was the one at the top of the cooler. The food on top was not still frozen, but everything else was. These are a great product. I cooked the defrosted chicken for dinner. Win win!

  3. Best ice packs out there!

    Posted by Julie Stein on Jun 14th 2019

    Used to bring frozen food in checked bag at airport. TSA approved,,, 8 hours still frozen!!

  4. Awesome!

    Posted by Beckie on Jun 14th 2019

    We travelled 10 hours delivering our local pizzas frozen to my brother’ home and when we arrived the dryice packs and pizzas were STILL frozen!! Very awesome and wished we would’ve purchased a couple more!!

  5. Awesome product that is also reusable

    Posted by Rachana on Jun 8th 2019

    Got these for transporting breast milk. I found a few other options like stork but they were pretty expensive so just decided to keep things simple and inexpensive by getting these dry ice packs and the best part is they're reusable.

  6. Wonderful!!!

    Posted by Unknown on May 30th 2019

    Wonderful! Drove 28 hrs. with a cake and stayed frozen the entire time!

  7. Cool product!

    Posted by Mel on May 6th 2019

    Very cool concept for dry ice packs and kept my breastmilk frozen enroute back to my baby while I was away on an extended work trip. I love that they are reusable!! The employees at Dry Ice Packs were unbelievably helpful and gave me so much peace of mind...

  8. Heavy duty ice packs

    Posted by steven mckibbin on Mar 20th 2019

    Excellent product, great on camping trips

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