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Testimonials about Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs

Customer Testimonials

Real ones... mostly from emails. And we didn't bribe them. :)

When my order came missing 2 sheets of techni-ice, you all immediately responded by shipping me the missing 2 sheets.

Your customer service is excellent, and I would recommend, and have recommended your business to my friends.

The cooler and techni-ice worked perfectly for me to ship breast milk home to my baby!




My husband just ordered me some more ice packs for me. I live by these, as I suffer from migraines. I am over 50 yrs old now, so I am accustomed to them. But your product is a Godsend ... Thank-you very much. 

A very appreciative comsumer,

I cannot remember if I told you much I appreciate the product and the service.
I used my first order in 2010 to pack a suitcase full of smoked salmon, pickled herring, chocolate, medicine and maple syrup on a flight from Vancouver to Costa Rica.
Our ETA was in the middle of the night so we elected to stay overnight in San Jose.
By the time we arrived at our destination, the perishables had been on Techni ice for over 50 hrs., 24 of which was in the steaming tropical heat.
The techni ice was still solid, the food was still icy cold. Which was very fortunate as this was a gift to our hosts!!!
Vancouver, Canada

I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting these to me with such short notice and for Mrs. Harper calling me with the tracking number! I was out of town for work with an infant at home and didn't know how I was going to get my breast milk back home since I didn't determine until I was out of town it would've been too much to carry on.
I packed the frozen breast milk in a cooler with two sheets and checked it on the plane. After eight hours of plane travel in extremely humid weather, the breast milk was still frozen when I got it home! I can't thank you enough for your product and fantastic customer service!

Thank you!
A. Peterson
Bennington, NE

Just wanted to tell you all that I tested out the ice packs the other day. I had a cheesecake that I needed to ship from Kansas City to Seattle.

I froze the cheesecake prior to shipping (as I always do), placed it in the polystyrene cheesecake shippers I use, placed 2 partial sheets of the frozen ice packs on top, sealed it up, and sent it overnight. When it arrived the next day the ice packs were still frozen!

"Everyone needs a little Whimsy"

Hi Folks-

Thanks for your reply re: my order. 

I am thrilled to find such a product. I have a flyfishing school in British Columbia & I am in the bush all summer - I only come out to replenish the "larder" now refreeze my dri-ice packs!!

Thanks very much.

 - "Tight Lines" Mharie S.  Tilley (my dog) BC, Canada

I sent product to Casper Wy. I used one sheet cut in half and 2# of dry ice. Went 3 days, still had dry ice even!! I am sold on this product.

- Kathy, Texas

[Note from Dry Ice Packs: We have no idea how two pounds of dry ice was not completely gone in 3 days... even with Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs.]

I recently purchased your product. I sell cheesecakes at a local farmer's market and was using dry ice each week in my coolers, costing me a fortune each week $30.00 and up. I used your techni-ice for the first time this past Sunday and was very pleased. Just one day of use paid for itself! I had 5 packs in each huge cooler and my product and the coolers stayed very cold all day long. In fact each time we reached in to get something we felt a blast of cold! It actually worked better than the dry ice I was buying. I have recommended your product to other vendors that I know.

- Anne L., New York