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XXLarge Styrofoam Cooler #PC90 & Techni-Ice

$48.99 $43.95
(You save $5.04)

Product Description

Ship everything you need and then some with our PC90XXL Shipping Kit.

  • Giant insulated styrofoam shipping cooler.
  • Includes six (6) Standard Techni-ICE Dry Ice PacksTM cold packs cold to keep perishables cold.
  • Includes protective cardboard box
  • Perfect for shipping a lot of goods at once

Perfect for gigantic orders with lots of perishable goods, the PC90XXL Shipping Kit from Dry Ice Packs comes with everything you need. Our XXL styrofoam shipping cooler holds up to 85 lbs of goods, lab specimens, and everything else you need cold shipped. We also included a protective cardboard box marked with “Perishable” to keep your package intact and on the fast track to its destination. Each side of this extra large shipping cooler is made from one-and-a-half inches of insulated styrofoam, ensuring your package will arrive in one piece and as cold as the second you shipped it. We also added six of our best selling Standard Techni-ICE Dry Ice PacksTM cold packs. These bi-layered ice packs keep your contents ice cold and are good for one use only. Make sure all of your contents arrive in one trip, intact, and extra cold with the PC90XXL Shipping Kit from Dry Ice Packs.

This kit contains one XXLarge Styrofoam CoolerPC90 and six(6) Standard Techni-ICE designed for shipping perishables. Internal dimensions: 24 X 16.75 X 14.25 inches External Dimensions: 28 x 21 x 18.25 inches Capacity in cu. ft.: 3.32 (approximately 3 cubic feet) Capacity in quarts: 99.2 Wall thickness: 1.5 inches

Cooler holds up to 85 pounds of perishable goods (not including Dry Ice Packs).

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